Silicone patch - beauty

  • Silicone mask pack
  • A new concept mask that combines elastic fabric with silicone technology and high skin adhesion
  • Patent
  • 1) Medical grade synthetic silicone adhesive compound (제2015-0167432호)
    2) Synthetic silicone adhesive containing hyaluronic acid (제2016-0014284호)
    3) Skin moisturizing and nutrition supplying silicone mask pack and compound material (제2016-0086214호)
  • Competitive
  • 1) Hyaluronic acid, wrinkle improvement, whitening Functional ingredients content – Moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity improvement
    2) Medical Silicone is used for skin irritation and harmless to human body
    3) Tensile strength compared to conventional mask products - It does not tear easily.
    4)Prevent evaporation of moisture and cosmetic substances due to leakage resistance of silicone membrane - It prevents evaporation of essence and can be used for a long time. Maximizes the absorption of active ingredients to make dry skin smooth and moist to help strengthen skin barrier
    5)Hygienically available disposable mask packs differentiated from conventional silicone masks’